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Plan features

The features and system limits for each Bip plan are detailed below.

  Bip Standard Bip Plus Notes
Maximum deployment size 50MB 100MB Maximum size of your project when inside a Zip archive
Maximum filesize 10MB 10MB Maximum filesize for deployed files
Deployed files 10,000 10,000 Maximum number of files in a deployment
Functions No 100,000 The number of invocations included
LFS Storage 1GB 5GB The amount of LFS space included
LFS Max File Size 1GB 2GB The maximum file size for LFS files domain Yes Yes Whether a domain is included
Use your own domain No Yes Whether you can use your own domain
Zero downtime deployment Yes Yes Whether your website can be deployed with zero downtime
Edge caching Yes Yes Whether your website is cached at the edge on our CDN
SSL Yes Yes Whether SSL is included for your website
Catch-all routing Yes Yes Whether the catch-all routing feature is enabled
www enabled on Bip domain No Yes Whether your site can be viewed from
Custom 404 pages No Yes Whether the custom 404 page feature is enabled
Password protection No Yes Whether the password protection feature is enabled

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