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Get the latest weather from OpenWeather.

To use this example, sign up for a free API key from the OpenWeather website, and insert it in the script where it says {YourApiKey}.

addEventListener('fetch', event => {

async function handleRequest(request) {
  const result = await fetch('{YourApiKey}')
  const resultJson = await result.json()

  let html_content = "<h1>Weather</h1>"

  html_content += `<p>The current weather conditions for ${} are:</p>`
  html_content += `<p>Condition: ${[0].main}.</p>`
  html_content += `<p>The temperature is: ${resultJson.main.temp} °C.</p>`
  html_content += `<p>The pressure is: ${resultJson.main.pressure} hPa.</p>`
  html_content += `<p>The wind speed is: ${resultJson.wind.speed} meter/sec.</p>`

  let html = `
  <!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Weather example</title>
    <style>body{padding:6em; font-family: sans-serif;} h1{color:#3a579a}</style>
    <div id="container">
  return new Response(html, {
    headers: {
      "content-type": "text/html;charset=UTF-8",

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