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Get Started

Create your first domain and deploy your website in just a few simple steps.


Please ensure you have Node.js installed before continuing. Click here to download the latest version for Windows/Mac/Linux.

Once you have Node.js, you can install our easy to use CLI tool to deploy your projects. To install Bip CLI via npm, run:

npm i -g @bip-sh/cli


Once installed, use the CLI to signup for a Bip account:

bip signup


Now login with the new account you created:

bip login

Create a new domain

To create your first domain, run:

bip domain create

When prompted, enter the domain that you’d like to create, then choose which plan you’d like the domain to use. To see the available plans, visit our pricing page.

Initialise your project

The first time you deploy your project, you’ll need to initialise it. To do so, navigate to the root of your project and run:

bip init

This tells Bip which domain you’d like to deploy to. Bip will even automatically set project settings for selected frameworks!


Finally, to deploy your project to the newly created domain, run:

bip deploy

That’s it! After a few seconds, your project will be live at your Bip domain.

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